Monday, November 19, 2012

Halo 4 Spartan Ops Weekly Challenges - 11/19/12

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The Challenges:
I Am the 99 Percent - Kill 40 Elites. - 1750 XP
It is sad how quickly these challenges have become stale. Of course, with the lack of customizations options in Spartan Ops, there is not too much you can actually do, but I would like to see something better than this. Now, if you are going through this episode solo on Legendary, you will get this on the first level. There are tons of Elites throughout this episode, so if you are doing this co-op, even with a full four players, you will likely have no trouble completing this challenge without having to do any extra play-throughs.

Harvesting Hunters - Kill 10 Hunters. - 2500 XP
While this episode has a ton of Elites, it also has a ton of Hunters. I really mean a lot. I am pretty sure that Chapter four had over twenty Hunters dropped in, maybe even thirty. Now, couple that with the Hunters in chapter two, three, and five you should really have no trouble scoring ten Hunter kills doing a co-op run of two to three people. If you are running four player Co-Op, I would run "Shootout in Valhalla" as it is the easiest to score kills in once you get a Mantis. Remember that the back is the weak spot on a Hunter so put as many shots as you can into that area.

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  1. I only got 38 elite kills solo on the first chapter legendary, so it might take two chapters. But it's definitely easy.

    1. Huh, I think I had more than forty plus a few. Might be that some committed suicide.