Friday, November 30, 2012

Halo 4 War Games Daily Challenges - 11/30/12

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The Challenges:

Spartan Takedown - Kill 20 Players. - 1350 XP
This is a relatively easy challenge to complete and you should have no trouble completing it in a few games today. These kills do not need to be in a single match, though it is likely that it can be done in a single match. If you are having trouble scoring kills, go to an objective gametype playlist like King of the Hill or Oddball and that should make it somewhat easier. You will likely complete this while working on "Drop Bears" so no need to worry about it.

Drop Bears - Assassinate 3 Players in a single match. - 2750 XP
Again, how I wish Team Snipers was still here. Regardless, there are still a few other playlists where you can complete this challenge. First off, to score an assassination you need to hold the melee button down while you are behind an enemy. This will trigger an animation that needs to mostly complete if you want credit for the kill. Team Slayer Pro is a good playlist because no one has radar and that allows you to sneak behind people on the smaller maps. Another good option is Regicide, even though I hate it. If players are focusing on the King, you have a decent chance at scoring some assassinations. FFA Throwback may be a decent option as well, but I have yet to really play it.

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