Monday, November 26, 2012

Halo 4 War Games Daily and Weekly Challenges - 11/26/12

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The Challenges:
Spartan Master Killer - Kill 15 players in a single War Games match. - 2950 XP

In Reach, on average you would hope to hit about twelve kills per slayer game that went to fifty kills.  In Halo 4, however, the kill limit is typically sixty kills (six-hundred points or whatever idiotic crap they want to call it) so you should hope to be hitting a few more kills, more near the number of fifteen.  Objective gametypes will be particularly good for this as they pretty much have no kill limit and will allow you to rack up a bunch of kills.  If you are going for the "Threading the Needle" challenge, you will take care of this one as well.

In the Back - Assassinate 3 players. - 1400 XP

So, you can trigger an assassination when you come up behind an opposing player and hold the melee button.  This will trigger the assassination animation which will need to mostly complete for the assassination to count.  You need three of these during the day, not in a single match, thankfully.  Now, Team Snipers would have been great for this, but that playlist is now gone and replaced by FFA Throwback.  Instead, I would head to Regicide (I hate it, but it is decent for getting assassinations) or Team Slayer Pro.  Team Slayer Pro is likely your best option since no one has radar and you can easily sneak around an enemy on a smaller map and score the assassination.  Remember, just need three today.

Threading the Needle - Kill 16 players with a headshot in a single match. - 6450 XP

Well, thankfully Team SWAT is still in the playlist rotation but, as usual, it sucks that we are already seeing a bunch of repeats for Weekly Challenges.  Now, to score a headshot you need to have a headshot capable weapon which include the DMR, BR, Magnum Pistol, Covenant Carbine, Light Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Binary Cannon, and the Beam Rifle.  Most players will typically have the BR or DMR as their primary loadout weapon but we also need to make it easier to score headshots. We will accomplish this by playing in the SWAT playlist where you can constantly score one-shot, headshot kills as no one has shields.  Eighteen kills in a game may be pushing it but it is definitely doable.  You can also try out Dominion or Big Team Infinity Slayer if SWAT is not your cup of tea.  However, this will still be easiest in SWAT.

To Be Precise - Get 80 kills with Precision Loadout Weapon. - 4200 XP

There is an important distinction to be made for this challenge.  When it mentions "Precision Loadout Weapons" it means weapons that you can select as you custom load out weapons.  Therefore, the Binary Rifle, Beam Rifle, and the Sniper Rifle will not count for this challenge at all.  What you can score kills with are the DMR, BR, Light Rifle, and the Covenant Carbine.  You can get the BR and DMR pretty quickly, even if you are low level so stick to those weapons.  Playlists like SWAT and Team Slayer Pro will also give you easy access to these weapons.  Honestly, you can easily get this while playing maybe ten games and using these as your primary loadout weapons, so no worries.

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  1. I ended up selling Halo 4, now that the dust has settled there are some very real problems with the game. I'll list a few and there will be smatterings of foul language...
    No fucking Grifball. What the fuck?
    Ordinance drops are shite, it was much better having weapons on the actual maps.
    Some of the levels are ghastly, but that doesn't really matter because every cunt and his mum votes for haven anyway.
    And finally, the challenges are crap so far. I loved in reach the fact it said next to your name how many daily and weekly challenges you'd completed, also the fact that after the game you could see which guy overall was a complete badass with the medals and achievements they had accrued during the game. There's none of this on Halo 4, the medals are completely flat and it's so easy to progress through the game that there wasn't any compelling reason for me to play it anymore. They badly need to introduce a ranking system pronto. And Grifball. I mean who actually completed the challenge where you needed 5 killing sprees in a single game? Compared to the weekly challenge which could be done in one game. Silly.
    Anyway great blog, without it I'd have no idea how to kill the golden ranger.