Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halo 4 War Games Daily Challenges - 11/8/12

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The Challenges:
Drop Bears - Assassinate 3 players in a single match. - 2750 XP
I must admit, actually, that I have yet to find a great map on which to score Assassinations yet. However, since I have not explicitly tried for it, I have some ideas. The typical combination you need to score Assassinations is stealth and a small map. Now, the Team Slayer Pro playlists helps with the stealth as there is no Radar in that playlist. Combine that with a map like Solace or Abandon that have some tight spaces in which to conceal and ambush a passerby, and you have a chance. You can also aim for objective gametypes as most player will focus more on the objective rather than killing you, making them very easy targets. Expect this to take a few games but worry about "Dominator" first, as you might just get this while working on it.

Dominator - Win 2 matchmaking Dominion matches. - 1350 XP
Expect to see a lot of this in the next few days as 343i will be trying to get everyone equated with the new game modes and what not. Dominion is an interesting gametype and really serves as a replacement for Invasion. The goal is to secure the three bases and hold them during Supply Drops to get more points and better defenses. The first team to reach the point total wins. You can capture bases once they have been taken. My impression of this gametype is that you need a good team that talks with each other. Kills should not be your focus but defending and taking the bases. If you have yet to play it, spend a few games finding some decent teammates and getting a hang for the gametype. You only need two wins so this should not take too long once you start going.

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  1. I got my 3 assassinations on Solace in TSP. If a player likes to camp on the balconies it's pretty easy to sneak up on them or get someone on the side trying to snipe that camper.