Sunday, November 11, 2012

Halo 4 War Games Daily Challenges - 11/11/12

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The Challenges:
Up Close and Personal - Earn 5 CQC Medals in a single match. - 2550 XP
It seems that Close Quarters Combat kills have changed somewhat in Halo 4 and they are tracked by three different medals; Melee, Beat Down, and Bulltrue. By my knowledge, an assassination will count as a Beat Down, as I believe you get that medal as well. Why an assassination medal is not listed in this, itself, is just mind-bottling (Like when you mind is, you know, trapped in a bottle! Sorry, I'm a much better eugooglioizer.) In terms of gametypes, Objective based gametypes, like Dominion or Capture the Flag will give you more time score these medals, so I would stick to those. I have gotten favorable results in Flood as well, but likely not well enough to score five.

Infected - Win 2 matchmaking Flood matches. - 1250 XP
This is a surprisingly hard challenge for today. I am somewhat at a loss on a decent strategy for this as I am not all that familiar with the maps and the quirks of all the armor abilities yet. Here are some tips that I have discerned, however. First off, this is a Free-for-all gametype so, if you have enough friends, this challenge is boostable, but I would not recommend doing so. Secondly, a few people will tend to congregate in groups but you will really see only one person getting the kills. If you want to win, however, the goal is not to survive, but to score the most kills. Moving around has always worked for me and Promethean vision is doing a decent job at alerting me when Flood are coming my direction. Thirdly, conserve ammunition where possible. It does not help to be wasting the limited ammunition you have (you have, basically, three clips for each weapon) for an enemy that is out of range. Also stick to Shotgun exclusively at long range. The Zombies/Flood are no longer one hit headshot kills with the pistol, so due bear that in mind. Finally, it is surprisingly easy to get kills as a Flood, but it is typically one kill and one death. Be observant of the Survivors and carefully choose an isolated target who seems to be distracted. Might save your life.

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  1. For the "Up Close and Personal," playing Regicide — especially on Haven — will probably give you a lot of opportunities for melee kills. Smallish map, FFA and everyone's running at the king. Lots of chances to jump in on a battle and clean up someone already engaged with another player.

  2. Infected will probably just frustrate the heck out of me. I don't think I'll be doing that one.

  3. Assassinations don't count towards the up close and personal. Which is very odd, so they must be just basing what counts of the commendation for melee kills.