Friday, December 28, 2012

Halo 4 Spartan Ops Weekly Challenges - 12/27/12

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The Challenges: 
Shield Break! - Kill 70 Jackals. - 1500 XP
Jackals are probably some of the most annoying enemies to kill in large numbers in Spartan Ops because they are so damn hard to find in large numbers. Basically, any Spartan Ops mission that takes place in Sniper Alley is a good option as long as you are fighting Covies and not Prometheans. I would complete the other two challenges first and get what Jackals you can from them and then move onto this challenge. As well, "The Didact's Gift" (Chapter five, Episode Four) has a large number of Jackals but less than seventy, for sure.

I Am The 99 Percent - Kill 40 Elites. - 1750 XP
There is never really a shortage of Elites in Spartan Ops, is there? "Spartan Thorne" (Chapter Five, Episode Five) is a very easy and recent option for this challenge and it should have just enough Elites if you play it solo on whatever difficulty you want. "The Cauldron Base" (Chapter Four, Episode Five) is also a good option for this challenge. If you end up going the "Shootout in Valhalla" option for "Harvesting Hunters" you can rack up a very nice number of Elite kills as well, though you may end up just short if you are playing with friends.

Harvesting Hunters - Kill 10 Hunters. - 2000 XP
So, does everyone remember Episode Three of Spartan Ops? The one where, if you play through it solo, you score about forty or so Hunter kills? Yeah, that makes this challenge easy. No matter how many players you have with you, I would recommend running "Shootout in Valhalla" as it is the easiest to score kills in once you get a Mantis. Remember that the back is the weak spot on a Hunter so put as many shots as you can into that area. You can also run a few other chapters in Episode Five, but Chapter Three's "Shootout in Valhalla will be the easiest.

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