Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Halo Reach Daily Challenges Guide - 12/12/12

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The Challenges:
Gunslinger - Kill 75 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking. - 2250cR
Well, do you remember the Weekly Challenge that is asking you to complete a hundred and fifty games this week? And how you will need to complete about twenty games a day for it. Yeah, it pretty much takes care of this challenge. Hell, even if you only average about four kills per game this challenge will still be complete. If you don't give a damn about the Weekly Challenge, then head to Grifball, where these seventy-five kills will take about two to four games to complete.

Unto The Breach - Kill 1000 enemies on Corvette in Firefight Matchmaking. - 6000cR
I actually enjoy Corvette, maybe because it is basically a skeleton of Midship from Halo 3, and I do not typically enjoy Covenant themed stuff. It is a close-quarters map so games should go by pretty fast. I would stick to the Score Attack playlist and choose either 2X Score Attack or Gruntpocalypse (easier one). Either gametype will give you about a hundred and twenty kill per game which means you need to play about nine games to complete this challenge. Good luck.

Linked Up with - Link your gamertag with and play a game in Halo: Reach Matchmaking. - 1cR
Well, this challenge again. This is a relic from back when Bungie was still in charge of Halo. Alas, that time has ended. Now, this may or may not get changed later in the day but if you were not on before the switch, I do not believe there is any way for you to complete this challenge. If you were on with a linked gamertag before the switch, just play a game and this one, lone credit can be yours!

Vengeance Found - Earn your 'Revenge' in a multiplayer Matchmaking game. - 2000cR
To score a "Revenge" medal is actually really simple. You need to simply kill the player that last killed you before anyone else does without taking a long time. After a certain amount of time or after someone else kills the player, you need to be killed again. Since you have to play twenty-games today for the Weekly Challenge, there really is no reason to go out of your way for this as it will happen.

See the Weekly Challenge here.

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