Thursday, December 27, 2012

Halo 4 War Games Daily Challenges - 12/27/12

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The Challenges:
Rolling Thunder - Earn 7 Killing Spree medals. - 1600 XP
A Killing Spree in War Games is earned when you score five kills in a row uninterrupted by death. These are not as common in Halo 4 as they were in Reach, at least for me, but being in the right playlist will help a lot. First off, Dominion has been the best gametype for me in terms of getting sprees, especially on Vortex where you can get in a Wraith and just sit back and defend your base while attacking the middle base. I would expect to get two or so sprees per game and, luckily, you will be playing a lot of games for the "Dominator" challenge so this one is pretty much taken care of. Flood and Regicide can also be good playlists for Sprees as well as Big Team Infinity Slayer if you get luck and get a tank.

Dominator - Win 9 matchmaking Dominion matches. - 2750 XP
Have plans today? I really hope not if you plan on completing this clusterfuck of a challenge. Probably take up a good long while. Dominion is a gametype where there are three bases which you can capture and holding them for a certain amount of time gives you points. The first team to four-hundred points wins. Having a team that knows that maps and how to hold the bases is a must for this gametypes. If you have a lot of back and forth, the game will go on longer than it needs to. Now, you can also capture all the bases and then, if you kill the entire other team, the game will end with your victory. Remember, you need nine wins today with this gametype so take breaks. Sitting for that long is not healthy.

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