Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Halo 4 Spartan Ops Weekly Challenges - 2/20/13

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The Challenges:
Creeping 'N Crawling - Kill 50 Crawlers. - 10000 XP
Well come to the finale of Season One of Spartan Ops. Not really much different, although we finally do get into some more interesting portions of the newer play spaces and see an end to this, pretty much, poorly done story. This challenge, asking you to slay eighty Crawlers will actually take the longest of all these three. Crawlers are typically easy kills, especially on Easy if you prefer it, by way of a simple headshot or multiple melees. Do look out for the ones equipped with a Binary Cannon, however, as they can one shot you on higher difficulties. Chapter One of Episode Ten has absolutely zero Crawlers for you to kills but Chapter two has eighteen. Chapter Three is back to having zero but Chapter Four picks it up with thirty Crawlers. Finally, Chapter Five has another thirty Crawlers to finish off this challenge. Hit Chapter Four or Five if you fall short due to co-op play.

Knightmare - Kill 30 Knights. - 20000 XP
Knights are the most difficult type of Prometheans to kill as they have strong shields, great accuracy, and Watchers that can resurrect them if they are not eliminated first. Make sure that whenever engaging these teleporting, one-shotting douche-bags that you kill any Watchers near them first. If given enough time, the Watchers will resurrect them. For this challenge, luckily there are a ton of Knights in Episode ten, the finale to Spartan Ops Season One. Chapter One will feature no Knights, while Chapter Two will have seven for you to slay. Chapter Three features and additional five and Chapter Four has eight. Where you really nail this challenge, however is in Chapter Five which has fourteen Knights. This automatically make Chapter Five the place for Knight kills have getting shorted in co-op play.

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