Thursday, February 14, 2013

Halo 4 Spartan Ops Weekly Challenges - 2/14/13

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The Challenges:
Harvesting Hunters - Kill 5 Hunters. - 20000 XP
You have got to love how these Weekly Challenge are still worth a crap-ton of experience points even though they are getting slightly easier each week. Five Hunters, compared to other weeks when they wanted ten or more, is pretty much a walk in the park. Now, remember that the back is the weak spot on a Hunter so put as many shots as you can into that area. Episode Five is the new content this week and you will find a decent number of Hunters in it. Chapters One and Two both boasted two Hunters while Chapters Three and Five had none to speak of. Chapter Four, however, had a healthy dose of six Hunters. If you somehow fall short, undoubtedly from playing Co-Op, head to Chapter Four to finish it off.

Watchful Avenger - Kill 30 Watchers. - 10000 XP
Watchers are probably the most annoying enemies in Halo 4 and the ones that you also need to focus on and kill immediately as they can summon Crawlers and resurrect Knights. You always need to aim for the center portion of a Watcher as the rotors hardly take any damage when hit. As well, they will flee after a few shots so make sure they are in a generally open space if you are attacking them on the higher difficulties. In Episode Nine, Chapter One had ten Watchers while Chapter Two had zero. Chapter Three itself has thirty-seven Watchers that you can kill, which would take care of this challenge by itself. Chapter Four has none as well and, finally, Chapter Five has an additional thirty Watchers. Again, if you fall short, head to Chapter Three or Five to pick up more Watcher kills.

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