Saturday, February 9, 2013

Halo 4 War Games Daily Challenges - 2/9/13

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The Challenges:
In Your Face - Earn 15 CQC Medals. - 3000 XP
There are three Close Quarters Combat medals in Halo 4 and they are the Melee, Beat Down, and Bulltrue medals. Remember that, for the Beat Down medal, when behind an enemy, just tap melee instead of holding it to perform a Beat Down. To get these, you will typically want to be on a smaller map in an objective oriented game as it will allow you to get as many medals as possible. Grifball is back now but it is amazing how few things count as close quarters combat and so the medals do not yield any help with this challenge. In Infection you can typically score Bulltrues and Melee medal with ease but also try gametypes like standard slayer on smaller maps. Hitting fifteen will not be an too difficult and you are likely to get some during the "Baller" challenge so complete that first.

Baller - Win 2 matchmaking Oddball matches. - 3000 XP
Well, I guess the streak of not having win challenges did not last long at all, did it? On the bright side, you still don't need a lot of wins today. Oddball is a moderately quick gametype if is played on a smaller map and it is easier to hold onto the ball as it can be passed (using the throw grenade button). Again, you will need a coordinated team when stepping into this playlist as they need to know how to guard the ball carrier but also, most of all, where to guard the ball carrier. The ball carrier always needs an exit so the other team does not easily retrieve the ball. This challenge will likely take more than two games so be ready for that.

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