Monday, February 4, 2013

Halo 4 Campaign Weekly Challenges Guide - 2/4/13

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The Challenges:

This Is Gonna Hurt - Complete any Campaign Mission on Heroic or higher difficulty with the Famine, Tilt and Thunderstorm skulls. - 10000 XP
So, you are likely going to see both of these challenges and think to do them at one time. However, due to the difficulty of Shutdown (Hunters and all), I would urge you to not do that. Shutdown has a bunch of enemies and not a whole lot of ammo which will be made even more scarce by the Famine skull as it is easier to run out of ammunition on Legendary difficulty to begin with. Now, the Famine Skull will cause all weapons on the ground to have half as much ammunition, the Tilt skull will modify the damage tables, and the Thunderstorm skull will upgrade all enemies. Instead, I would run through Dawn as it is the easiest level of the game and also has the most placed weapons so it will be unaffected by the Famine Skull.

Shutdown Slamdown - Complete Shutdown on Legendary difficulty with the Mythic, Tilt, Tough Luck and Thunderstorm skulls. - 30000 XP
You really should not be surprised by this challenge, as it is simply continuing the pattern laid down by all the other Campaign Weekly Challenges of the past month. The Mythic skull will double all enemy health, the Tilt skull will make all enemies stronger, the Tough Luck skull will make the enemies dodge more often, and the Thunderstorm will upgrade all enemies. Now, Shutdown is a long mission, but also one where we can skip through a large section of it utilizing the Pelican. You simply need to fly to the final tower and then fly the Pelican through the cracks. Video of this method can be seen here. Since you still need to face of bunch of Covies, Banshees, and Hunters, I would recommend bringing a friend to make it a lot easier. Good luck on this one.

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