Monday, February 4, 2013

Halo 4 War Games Daily and Weekly Challenges Guide - 2/4/13

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The Challenges:
Spray and Pray - Get 15 kills with an Automatic Loadout Weapon. - 3000 XP
Automatic Loadout Weapons in Halo 4 include the AR (Automatic Rifle), the Storm Rifle, and the Suppressor. The Needler and the Chain Gun do not count for these challenges as you cannot equip them in loadouts. These fifteen kills, luckily, do not need to be in a single game and can be earned over the entire day. Whichever weapon you choose will depend on several things, the first of which being what weapons you have unlocked, the next being the type of combat you prefer. The Storm Rifle has the tightest spread but is the weakest while the Suppressor is the most powerful but is the most inaccurate. The AR sits in the middle being the best compromise to both weapons with a decently concentrated spread and good power behind it. I would stick to objective gametypes as they will allow you to get in close quarters and score these kills.

Dominator - Win 2 matchmaking Dominion matches. - 5000 XP
I can get used to challenges like these, especially with these very nice experience point rewards. We used to have to score nine wins and would likely get half of this XP. Still no clue how long it will last though. Regardless, Dominion is a gametype where there are three bases which you can capture and holding them for a certain amount of time gives you points. The first team to four-hundred points wins. Having a team that knows that maps and how to hold the bases is a must for this gametypes. If you have a lot of back and forth, the game will go on longer than it needs to. Now, you can also capture all the bases and then, if you kill the entire other team, the game will end with your victory. Just two wins. That is all you need today.

The Weekly Challenges:
Spartan Takedown - Kill 150 Players. - 20000 XP
Umm, so this is awesome. This challenge is extremely easy. In fact, it can likely be done in a single day with not even a lot of effort. If you prefer to stretch this out over a week it will be twenty-two kills a day, which is practically a game a day in the right playlists. However, Grifball has returned and is still here having survived for a second week. This means that you will be able to score thirty or more kills per game with ease, likely while working on the "One, Two, Three, Four..." Weekly Challenge. So, in approximately five games, you can have this challenge done and be awarded twenty-thousand experience points. Sounds like a sweet deal to me. Let's hope they do not decide to change it on us.

One, Two, Three, Four... - Earn 30 Multikill medals. - 10000 XP
A multikills in Halo 4 is earned when you score multiple kills each within four and a half seconds of each other. These are decidedly less common in Halo 4 than they were in Reach so you really need to set up the right gametype and such to score them. Now, having access to large number of enemies and heavy weapons is a great way to score multikills. Now that Grifball has returned, this is even easier. You can likely score ten or so multikills per game, more if you have the timing down, which means that this challenge will likely three games to complete. Again, this is one that you can easily get done in a single day. Play in the Dominion playlist and go for Tanks if Grifball does not agree with you.

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