Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Halo 4 Spartan Ops Weekly Challenges Guide - 2/6/13

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The Challenges:
I Am The 99 Percent - Kill 40 Elites. - 20000 XP
Well, I think it was a miss-step to pair these down to two challenges instead of three, but there were getting repetitive. There could easily be some weapon based or survival based challenges, but I don't know if the tracking in the game will really allow that. Now, Elites in Halo 4 are very, very tough enemies and can wipe the floor with you on Heroic or Legendary. The trick is to keep them at extreme range and to use precision weapons to take them out. If you play Chapter One of Episode Eight solo, you will bring in thirty-nine Elites kills, one short of what is needed for this challenge, while Chapter five has forty-one Elites, one more than what is needed. Chapter Three brings in another thirty-five kills making it a good back up. Chapter Four had about twenty-eight and Chapter two had thirteen. If you need more kills, head to Chapter One or Five.

Destroyer of Grunts - Kill 70 Grunts. - 10000 XP
Grunts, Grunts, Grunts. Well, they never is a shortage of these little bastards, is there? Like the Jackal and the Elite, you can find some to kill in every single Chapter of this. Unlike Reach, with its Ultra Grunts, all Grunts in Halo 4 can be killed with a single headshots. Utilize the DMR and the Covenant Carbine for this. The best Chapter of Episode Eight in which to get Grunt kills is Chapter Three in which you can score sixty-three Grunt kills, followed closely by Chapter Four with fifty-seven Grunt kills. Chapter One has forty-two and Chapter Two and Five bring up the bottom of the count with twenty-eight and twenty-nine, respectively. As you would guess, head to Chapter Three and Four for kills if you fall short while playing with a group.

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