Monday, February 4, 2013

Halo Reach Daily and Weekly Challenges Guide - 2/4/13

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The Challenges:
Light Fare - Kill 100 enemies in any game mode in Reach. - 3000cR
Well, this challenge is well taken care of today. To be honest, the multiplayer Matchmaking challenges ("Showtime" asking for five assists, which means no kills, and "A Solid Outing" asking for thirteen kills) will not really help you reach this total too much. Since those may take a few games it will put a dent in the number, but not much else. "Take a Dip" on the other hand, will over accomplish the requirements for this challenge by twenty-five kills, at least. So, as usual, do not worry about this one and move along.

Showtime - Earn 5 assists in a multiplayer Matchmaking game. - 1250cR
An assist is earned when you deal forty percent damage to an enemy who is killed by someone else. Typically, you would think that this person stole your kill. Now, Multi Team has always been a good place to score assists since there are so many targets and so many people to steal the kills from you. If Multi Team is not your cup of tea than I would recommend heading to Team Objective or just FFA or Team Slayer. The choice is yours so figure out what works best for you. It will likely take a game or two but you should have no problem hitting the five assists.

A Solid Outing - Earn at least 13 kills in a multiplayer Matchmaking game. - 3343cR
Typically, you should be hitting around twelve to thirteen kills a game in any team-based Slayer game. Objective games should bring that per-game kill count higher as long as the games are not over very quick and the teams are evenly matched. You really should not need to go out of your way for this one, just complete the other challenges and you are most likely all set. If you are really having trouble, head to Grifball, where you can easily score twenty to thirty kills per game. I would complete "Showtime" first, however.

Take a Dip - Kill 125 enemies on Waterfront in Firefight Matchmaking. - 1100cR
So, unfortunately this will quite possibly require two games to complete. Waterfront is an okay map, though not my favorite for any sort of Firefight since you can easily get flanked or surrounded and enemies seem to pour in from everywhere. Now, a hundred and twenty-five kills is just past what you would typically get in a single match of Score Attack or in the Firefight playlist so this will require two games. There is a chance with Drop-pods that you can get over a hundred and twenty-five, but I would not bet on it. The second game can be Crashsite if you are lucky enough to get it for this map.

The Weekly Challenge:
Clear Eyes, Full Hearts - Win 50 games in multiplayer Matchmaking this week. - 30343cR

To be honest, I was actually hoping that we would move away from this Weekly Challenge as we have had it entirely too often recently. I really could not hurt to through up a LASO challenge or something. But, alas!, this is what we have to work with. Seven days in a week means that seven wins a day will get you forty-nine wins, one short of the total needed. Therefore, aim for eight wins a day to be safe. This should give you some wiggle room later in the week if you run short on time. Here are some tips for scoring wins. First off, play in playlists that you enjoy and normally have success in. Now would not be a great time to find a new playlist that really annoys you. Secondly, play with people that you know and like. If you know your fellow players and have played with them before, you know their strengths and how to work as a team. Finally, take breaks. If you get to appoint where you are not really focused or are aggravated, stop playing and do something else.

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