Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bungie's Destiny Revealed!

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Earlier today, Bunie Inc, finally released a ViDoc (posted above) detailing the upcoming game, Destiny.  Filled with animated concept art and what looks to be some mid-late Alpha or early Beta footage of the game.  Though no release date was set (I am pretty sure this will be coming out late Fall or Early Winter of 2013, you can already pre-order the game on PS3 and Xbox 360.  Sadly, no news on PC yet.

As for the story, let me quote the website:

"Everything changed with the arrival of the Traveler. It sparked a Golden Age when our civilization spanned the solar system, but it didn't last. Something hit us, knocked us down. The survivors built a city beneath the Traveler, and have begun to explore our old worlds, only to find them filled with deadly foes.

You are a Guardian of the last safe city on Earth, able to wield incredible power. Defend the City. Defeat our enemies. Reclaim all that we have lost.

Be brave."
 -Bungie via
The ViDoc states that this adventure will go on for the next ten years, meaning well into 2023 do they hope we will be playing Destiny.  This has the feel of an MMO atmosphere as there are story, cooperative, and multiplayer elements in a world that "has a nature that we [they] don't totallt control.  Things are going to happen that we [they] don't plan.  And that is amazing."

There will be a bevy of customizations in the game as the website claims that you can earn unique and customizable weapons, gear, and vehicles.  During one scene of the ViDoc, you see a vehicle jet into space which means that interplanetary travel will also be a feature of this.  What isn't to be excited about for Destiny.

You can pre-order from these locations for $59.99: Destiny Xbox 360 - Destiny PS3
Best Buy: Destiny Xbox 360 - Destiny PS3
Gamestop - No links yet.

Here are some concept art images that were also released.


House of Devils

The Traveler
The Citadel

I will be posting more thoughts on the Trailer and what all it tells us later today or early tomorrow.

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