Monday, February 11, 2013

Halo 4 Campaign Weekly Challenges - 2/11/13

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The Challenges:
Oh, It's On! - Complete any Campaign Mission on Heroic or higher difficulty with the Mythic, Tilt, Storm and Tough Luck skulls. - 10000 XP
I'm not going to put much here for this challenge because hardly anything at all is needed. Unlike the last few weeks, where this challenge required a different set of skulls from the level-specific challenge to be completed, this week they have the same skulls. They are only written differently. This means that you simple need to complete the "Composition Chaos" challenge to take care of this one. Sounds extremely easy and it is. You take in a, relatively easy forty-thousand experience points for a single mission. Get to it.

Composition Chaos - Complete Composer on Legendary difficulty with the Mythic, Tilt, Tough Luck and Thunderstorm skulls. - 30000 XP
Well, we have reached the penultimate mission of the Campaign and we can likely expect more skulls or even LASO challenges in two weeks. Now, however, we just have this to worry about. First off, the Mythic skull will double all enemy health, the Tilt skull with make all enemies stronger, the Tough Luck skull will make them all dodge more often, and the Thunderstorm skull will have them all upgraded. There is absolutely no doubt that this will make the level a pain, as it does for all the other so I would urge you to bring at least one other player in with you for this level. Here are some tips for the level: Now, parts of this level were actually quite easy, especially the Mantis sections. The difficult parts are when you get stuck into close quarters with the Covies and you have your typical crappy weapon selection (man, do I miss SMGs). It is important to note, as well, that in the earlier sections when you are in the initial hangar, the troops that land will only surge forward once a set number of them have been killed. Therefore, take out the Elites first. I would rather get charged by a bunch of Jackals and Grunts then four or five Elites. As well, the Hunters you face can be pretty easily handled with the Sticky Detonator. Other than that, just grind through it.

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