Friday, March 22, 2013

Gears of War: Judgment Cog Tag Locations - Part V: Downtown Halvo Bay

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Gears of War: Judgment is definitely bucking some trends of previous Gears games, like getting rid of D-pad weapon selection, but some things have not changed. All games have some form of collectibles now and Cog Tags are the ones for this installment. No need to worry about other collectibles, just the Tags of your fellow fallen Cogs. There are forty eight in total but we will do these section by section. Generally, you will see a red Cog Omen symbol near each tag, but not always right next to it. Expect one tag per chapter. Getting ten COG Tags will get you the "Never Forgotten" achievement, twenty-five COG Tags will get you the "Veteran Remembrance" achievement and finding all of them will score you the "Respect for the Fallen" achievement.

Part V: Downtown Halvo Bay:

Chapter 1: Wharf District - You will walk through a seemingly residential area on the Wharf before you need to kick your way through a door. Once you are through the door, head to the left. The Omen will be straight ahead of you and the COG Tag is on the ground to the left.
To the left of the Omen.

Chapter 2: Parade Ground - Once you enter the parade ground, you will come to a barricade which you must use a wheel to lift. Before doing so, you should notice an Omen symbol on the walls of a raised platform next to the street, to the right of the barricade. Go up the stairs next to the Omen and the Tag is on the right.
Up the stairs and to the right.

Chapter 3: Upper State Street - You will come to a building that has been utterly destroyed and is surrounded by rubble. You will need to progress through the building to continue. Before doing so, turn to the left and you will see the Omen symbol on a ruined wall. The Tag is a few destroyed walls behind that.
Before the declassify mission emblem.

Among the rubble.

Chapter 4: State Street Rooftops - Once on the rooftops, move through until you need to cross a makeshift wooden bridge to reach a different rooftop. Before crossing, head to the left up a small ramp. The COG Tag is next to an air-duct.
Turn left before the wooden bridge.

Chapter 5: First Avenue Rooftops - Right once you find the Declassify mission, which is right at the start, turn around and walk forward across the rooftop. You should see the Omen symbol and the COG Tag is to the right of it, near some building materials.
To the left of the starting point.

Chapter 6: Museum Square Rooftops - Once you kick through the door to start this section, head to the left side and continue along until you are around the building. Keep following the turn and you will eventually go underneath a pipe and down a ramp. Keep the to the left again to see the Omen symbol on a wall. The COG Tag is behind a sand barricade wall.
To the left of the Omen.

Chapter 7: Overlook - You are in the same exact area as the last section but a few more areas have been opened up by the Locust. From the Omen symbol in the last section, go straight forward until you get through a doorway. Continue until you get to an Emergence hole. The COG Tag rests next to it.
In one of the doors opened by the Locust.

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