Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gears of War: Judgment Cog Tag Locations - Part III: Seahorse Hills

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Gears of War: Judgment is definitely bucking some trends of previous Gears games, like getting rid of D-pad weapon selection, but some things have not changed. All games have some form of collectibles now and Cog Tags are the ones for this installment. No need to worry about other collectibles, just the Tags of your fellow fallen Cogs. There are forty eight in total but we will do these section by section. Generally, you will see a red Cog Omen symbol near each tag, but not always right next to it. Expect one tag per chapter. Getting ten COG Tags will get you the "Never Forgotten" achievement, twenty-five COG Tags will get you the "Veteran Remembrance" achievement and finding all of them will score you the "Respect for the Fallen" achievement.

Part III: Seahorse Hills: 

Chapter 1: Amador Park - This COG Tag is located near the end of the level. After you open the doorway and go up two sets of stairs, you will see the Omen symbol to the right side, next to another set of stairs. However, the Tag is not up these stairs, but around the corner of the stairs you just came up.
Right near the exit.

Next to the stairs you came up.

Chapter 2: Magadha Villa - At the end of the level, which is a very common theme for this section, you need to run past where your squadmates are waiting for you. To the left you will see the Omen symbol down the road. The Tag is on the left side of the road, behind a pole.
Just past your team before the end of the level.

Chapter 3: Soleno Villa - Again at the end of the level, you will be back on the road and will see a bunch of cars in front of a tunnel entrance. On the left side is the Omen symbol, but the COG Tag lays on the right side, where two cars meet.
Omen is on the left.

The tag is on the right.

Chapter 4: Windward Way - In the main area of this section there will be a container that you can walk through. On the left side is the Omen symbol and on the right side, next to the wall, is the COG Tag. At least it isn't at the end of the level.
On the right side of the container.

Chapter 5: Risea Estate - This chapter feature the cement backyard of a mansion and at the end, near where you leave the level, there is a submerged garage. At the bottom, in the left hand corner is the COG Tag.
In the submerged garage.
Chapter 6: Guest Bungallows - This chapter is similar to the last but you are able to go to the top of the mansion as well as enter a room below it. It is in the room below of the main house that has the COG Tag. It is on a table underneath a crooked mirror.
Next to the stairs.

On the table.

Chapter 7: Elliott's Mansion - Well, the final COG Tag for this section of the game and this one is a slightly longer section than the other. Eventually, you will need to defend the bot while it hacks through the mainframe. You can go out into a large open room and you will see the Omen symbol on the bottom floor, on the left side of the room. It is located on a pillar but the COG Tag is actually on the second floor, right above the pillar.
On the second floor, above the Omen pillar.

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