Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gears of War: Judgment Cog Tag Locations - Part II: Halvo Bay Military Academy

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Gears of War: Judgment is definitely bucking some trends of previous Gears games, like getting rid of D-pad weapon selection, but some things have not changed. All games have some form of collectibles now and Cog Tags are the ones for this installment. No need to worry about other collectibles, just the Tags of your fellow fallen Cogs. There are forty eight in total but we will do these section by section. Generally, you will see a red Cog Omen symbol near each tag, but not always right next to it. Expect one tag per chapter. Getting ten COG Tags will get you the "Never Forgotten" achievement, twenty-five COG Tags will get you the "Veteran Remembrance" achievement and finding all of them will score you the "Respect for the Fallen" achievement.

Part II: Halvo Bay Military Academy:

Chapter 1: Enfield Bridge - This COG Tag is on the middle portion of the bridge but there is no real Omen symbol near it. At the end of the middle section, near the edge, behind a destroyed pillar, lies this one.
Behind this broken pillar.

Chapter 2: Courtyard - After you defeat the "Ragers" that appear, and the doorway is opened, move forward into the room. To the left is an office-like room. In there, next to an overturned desk, is the tag.
Next to the desk.
 Chapter 3: R&D Labs - In the top right corner of the main room, you will see the Omen symbol. The COG Tag, however, is not exactly near it. At the Omen symbol, turn right and head into the server room. Turn right again and head to the corner farthest from the symbol to find the Tag.
In the far corner of the server room.

Chapter 4: Monroe Commons - This Tag sucks. It really isn't all that far from the symbol, but it still pissed me off because it took me a while to fine. As you enter the main room, you will see the Omen symbol across the hallway. Go to the symbol and follow the wall to the left. The Tag will be next a desk further down the wall in another room.
Tag is not close at this point.

Next to a desk, in between the wall.

Chapter 5: Atrium - This chapter has you in a small hallway with barricades and two rooms on the end. In the right room, the COG Tag is located to the right, just behind the door.
Behind the door.

Chapter 6: Crashsite - The final COG Tag for this section is behind your "base." Just up the stairs, behind the bot, to the right, lies the final Tag.
At the top of the stairs.

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  1. Chapter 1: Enfield Bridge -
    the emblem is on the other side of the wall -
    (outer edge pathway that is a little lower)

  2. Ahh, thanks. Must have missed it.