Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Halo 4 Spartan Ops Weekly Challenges - 1/28/13

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The Challenges:
Shield Break - Kill 50 Jackals. - 10000 XP
Well, for once, Jackals are not hard to find in an episode of Spartan Ops. In fact, this episode is crawling with the little bastards. Always be wary or ranged Jackals and ones with Needlers as they will destroy you pretty fast. You do not even need to play through the entire episode to hit the fifty Jackal kills needed for this challenge. Chapter One got me twenty-one Jackal kills, Chapter Two got me fifty-eight Jackal kills, Chapter Three brought in seventy-six Jackal kills, Chapter Four gave sixty, and Chapter Five gave sixteen. Once Season One of Spartan Ops is over and we are in another predictable lull, this will be the best episode for completing these challenges.

Knightmare - Kill 30 Knights. - 20000 XP
We have not had a challenge for a while that has asked us to kill any Prometheans as they have all been focused on slaying Covenant forces. Knights, they most difficult type of Prometheans to kill as they have strong shields, great accuracy, and Watchers that can resurrect them if they are not eliminated first. As for the number of these enemies on the newest episode of Spartan Ops, Chapter One yielded six kills, Chapter Two also yielded six, Chapter Three had two, Chapter Four had zero, and Chapter Five had nine. So, even if you play through the entire episode solo, you will still fall short of the thirty Knight goal. Replay Chapter Five for kills as it has the most Knights.

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  1. I'm not complaining but how come these challenges are worth so much all of a sudden?

  2. @LegendaryBoat02
    On your Waypoint service record, find one stat not useful to 343 somehow. It's all being recorded and analyzed. 343 is adapting to what, when, and how much players do or don't do.

    Prior to January the XP rewards were lower because the plebeians who only recently got the game needed to ascend to higher levels. These players don't/can't play as frequently or for as long and need to continue make appreciable progression towards leveling up. Hence, higher XP rewards for weeklies and the monthly, but not for dailies. Doing that sooner would have created less favorable reward interval schedules for the xmas casuals.

    1. Now that you mention it, that does make sense as I do play more spartan ops than war games.

    2. There also is the point that they are trying to pull more people back into the game. The peak population numbers for Halo 4 are going down in a hurry and offering better long-term rewards is a way to keep people coming back for multiple days.