Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Halo 4 War Games Daily Challenges - 1/29/13

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The Challenges:
Game Over, Man! - Complete 4 matchmaking War Games matches. - 1250 XP
None of the Weekly challenges will really be pushing you towards this challenge as they do not require too many games every day. The "That's Just Perfect" challenge, however, will likely take a bunch of game, probably more than four, to be completed especially since you do no specifically need wins. The hope is that it will take care of this challenge and will require very little work from you. Now, in Halo 4 join-session-in-progress games will count for this challenge but quitting early, disconnecting, or getting booted will not count so try not to do that too often.

That's Just Perfect - Complete a War Games match with at least 15 kills without dying. - 3000 XP
So this challenge is back to being a Daily Challenge with a lot less XP, even though it has exactly the same requirements as the Weekly Challenge version. I do not get it. Seems idiotic to me. Anyway, this will be a complete and utter pain to accomplish. On the bright side, this is unlike a perfection in Reach where you also needed to win the game. Now, you will likely want a large gametype, like Dominion, where you can hang back and just get kills. Small maps do not afford you enough room to hide once you hit the fifteen required kills. You will also need teammates that will give you a lot of opportunities to yank their kills and who will protect you once you need to hide. Unfortunately, this will take a bunch of games to complete so get ready for the long haul.

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  1. i think you can get a perfection only in slayer gametypes like showdown and big team

    are you sure you can make it in dominion and does it count for commendation?

    1. Yes I believe the perfection medal may only be available in game types where kills are the priority/objective.

    2. Also, yes it does count toward your commendation as there is a specific one for perfections.

    3. There is no Perfection medal anymore.

  2. The difference between this and the weekly challenge was that that was to get 3.