Thursday, January 10, 2013

Halo 4 Spartan Ops Weekly Challenges - 1/10/13

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The Challenges: 
Creeping 'N Crawling - Kill 80 Crawlers. - 1250 XP
This challenge, asking you to slay eighty Crawlers will actually take the longest of all these three. Crawlers are typically easy kills, especially on Easy if you prefer it, by way of a simple headshot or multiple melees. Do look out for the ones equipped with a Binary Cannon, however, as they can one shot you on higher difficulties. I found that the first two Chapters of Episode five gave a decently number of Promethean kills. Chapter Two, especially, gives you tons of chances for these kills. Playing through Chapter One and Two on whatever difficulty you please solo will get this challenge done for you.

Watchful Avenger - Kill 20 Watchers. - 1500 XP
Watchers are probably the most annoying enemies in Halo 4 and the ones that you also need to focus on and kill immediately as they can summon Crawlers and resurrect Knights. You always need to aim for the center portion of a Watcher as the rotors hardly take any damage when hit. As well, they will flee after a few shots so make sure they are in a generally open space if you are attacking them on the higher difficulties. Now, Chapter 2 of Episode 5 is a great place to get Watcher kills as you are swarmed by about fifteen or so right at the start. Other ones will appear throughout the level so soloing this one completes the challenge pretty damn quick.

Knightmare - Kill 30 Knights. - 1750 XP
Knights, as most of us are now well aware, are pains in the ass. Their abilities seem to have been assigned with the sole purpose of pissing players off. Heavy weapons, like Rockets and Snipers are extremely effect against Knights as well as the SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) up close. Now, playing through Chapters One and Two while working on the other challenges will likely get you pretty damn close to thirty Knight kills. It will partially depend on how long you last defending the equipment on Chapter one. With multiple players this will take a bit longer so replay these missions for the kills.

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