Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Halo 4 War Games Daily Challenges - 1/22/13

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The Challenges:
Your Majesty - Win 9 matchmaking Regicide matches. - 2750 XP
Well, we knew we were going to get more challenges like this even with a Weekly challenge dedicated to wins in the Dominion gametype. This makes this challenge plenty more aggravating than before but leaves you to figure out whether you want to play standard or Team Regicide. Since we are going for wins, Team Regicide will be your best bet since you automatically have a fifty percent chance of winning instead of a twelve or so percent chance. Whenever possible, make sure that you eliminate the King on the other team and that you do what you can to protect yours. As always, communicate with your teammates. Expect that this challenge may take up to eighteen games to complete, however.

The Kingslayer - Earn 15 Regicides. - 1550 XP
Let's be honest, this is a really pointless challenge with the "Your Majesty" challenge hanging out above it. Yes, it is typically awesome when completing one challenge helps you along with another one but, in this instance, it will totally complete it. Regicides are earned when you kill the King. Whether you play standard Regicide or Team Regicide, slaying the King should be a regular occurrence, though less often in Team Regicide. If you find it hard to come by King kills, head to the standard (FFA) Regicide and you can easily rack up the Regicides needed in two games.

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