Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Halo Reach Daily Challenges Guide - 1/8/13

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The Challenges:
One Spartan Army - Kill 100 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking. - 2000cR
You should have no problem with this challenge today thanks to the challenge right below this. You need to kill ten enemies vehicles in Firefight Matchmaking today which will definitely take more than one game. A single game in Firefight will typically get you a hundred to a hundred and twenty kills. Last time I checked, that seems to have taken care of the hundred kills needed for this challenge. Get to it.

Flat Tire - Kill 10 enemy vehicles in Firefight Matchmaking. - 2343cR
Well, who doesn't like blowing up vehicles? I, well, I used to, but then they changed the way enemies spawn so vehicles appear way less often. Now, the only map you can really do this on successfully will be Holdout as it has static Banshee spawns which send you Banshees every two to four minutes. Make the game last as long as possible to get about three to four kills by kiting around the final enemies, typically Hunters. Now, 2X Score Attack will not work for this challenge. Instead, aim for Sniper, Rocket, or FRG Attack. Expect this to take three to four games to complete or maybe even two if you get really lucky.

L.D. Package - Complete The Package, without dying, on Legendary with Mythic, Thunderstorm, Tilt, and Tough Luck on. - 5000cR
The Package is the final mission of the Reach campaign and also one of the more difficult ones. The Mythic skull will double all enemy health, the Thunderstorm skull will upgrade all enemies, the Tilt skull will make the weaknesses less and strengths stronger, and the Tough Luck skull will make them dodge more often. You can play with a friend, which will make it all slightly easier, and you can also die as much as you want. Before the final objective, which is firing the MAC Cannon at the cruiser, Save and Quit and then resume campaign to complete without dying for the challenge. Follow this LASO guide if you need help for any sections.

Double Nickels - Earn 2 Killing Sprees in a multiplayer Matchmaking game. - 3000cR
A Killing Spree is earned in multiplayer Matchmaking when you score five kills without dying. First off is a Killing Spree at five kills and then a Killing Frenzy at ten kills and so on. You only need two in a single game so this is not some great feat. Now, Living Dead is almost always a good playlist for this challenge, especially on a map like Boardwalk. You can also try for this in many objective games types. The choice is yours so have fun with it, as this is the only multiplayer Matchmaking challenge today.

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