Friday, January 11, 2013

Halo Reach Daily Challenges Guide - 1/11/13

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The Challenges:
Light Fare - Kill 100 enemies in any game mode in Reach. - 3000cR
Well, you will need to go out of your way for this challenge today as the only challenge that will really generate kills on its own, "Now I have a Machine Gun", is only going to get you about eighty to ninety kills. Luckily, this means that you will only need to play one extra game to score the remaining kills for this challenge. All in all, not really a very hard day in terms of challenges so try to have fun.

Now I have a Machine Gun - Earn 77 kills with automatic weapons in multiplayer Matchmaking. - 4400cR
Automatic weapons in Halo Reach include the AR, the Plasma Rifle, the Plasma Repeater, the Needler, and the Brute Spiker. You will not really get to see the Brute Spike too much in multiplayer Matchmaking so focus on the AR and the Needler. Multi Team has always fared well for me with this challenge since you almost always start out with an AR and everyone is killing each other. This means that picking off kills with the AR is quite easy. This may take eight to ten games to complete, however, so be ready for the long haul.

Oops! All Kills - Earn 5 Multikills in multiplayer Matchmaking. - 2000cR
A multikill is earned in multiplayer Matchmaking when you score multiple kills within about four seconds of each other. You can stack this up to ten kills for nine multikills but that is not quite necessary here. Grifball is the really easy answer for this challenge as you can easily rack up ten to fifteen multikills in a single game with only mediocre effort. Finally, Multi Team and Team Objective are good alternatives at the moment.

Credits for Completion - Complete 5 games in multiplayer Matchmaking. - 2500cR
To complete a game in Halo Reach, you simply need to play from start to finish, unlike Halo 4. Now, the other challenges today will likely take about five games so you do not need to go out of your way for this one. If by chance you happen to get kicked, dropped, or quit from any game, it will not count towards this challenge and, if it happens enough, you can receive a temporary ban from matchmaking. In other words, be careful.

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