Friday, January 4, 2013

Halo 4 War Games Daily Challenges - 1/4/13

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The Challenges:
Fully Automated - Get 13 kills with an Automatic Loadout Weapon in a single match. - 2450 XP
There are only three Automatic Loadout Weapons in Halo 4 and those are the Assault Rifle, the Strom Rifle, and the Suppressor. You will likely not get as many kills with these weapons as precision weapons without actively trying for them since the effective range of the weapons is so much less. Which every gun you pick is up to you but this info my help you make a decision. The Suppressor has the widest spread but seems to have the most powerful shot. The Storm Rifle has the smallest spread but the weakest shots. The AR is pretty comfortable with a medium spread and medium damage, therefore making it the most deadly, in my opinion. Large team gametypes or objective gametypes on smaller maps like Adrift or Haven will serve you best for getting these kills. Thirteen isn't too large of a number, just requires you to only be using these weapons.

Dominator - Win 3 matchmaking Dominion matches. - 1600 XP
Well, this is a hell of a lot better than having to score nine wins of Dominion which would not have been surprising. It seems that the challenges typically get easier on Friday and Saturday when people likely have more time, which makes no sense at all. Regardless, Dominion is a gametype where there are three bases which you can capture and holding them for a certain amount of time gives you points. The first team to four-hundred points wins. Having a team that knows that maps and how to hold the bases is a must for this gametypes. If you have a lot of back and forth, the game will go on longer than it needs to. Now, you can also capture all the bases and then, if you kill the entire other team, the game will end with your victory. Just three wins today, which should not take long.

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