Monday, January 7, 2013

Halo 4 War Games Daily and Weekly Challenges - 1/7/13

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The Challenges:
Game Over Man - Complete 4 matchmaking War Games matches. - 1250 XP
Well, if you look just below this challenge, you will see another challenge asking you to score nine wins in Slayer matches today. To score a win you will need to play a game and that, by default, takes care of this challenge. Join-session-in-progress games seem to count for this challenge as long as you are in the game when it ends and the final score is tallied. Just complete four games in this manner and you are all set. Not much more to say for this challenge.

We Are The Champions - Win 9 matchmaking Slayer matches. - 2750 XP
Yeah, you should not at all be surprised by this challenge, as just posting up random nine-win challenges has been their M. O. for months. Slayer gametypes are in the Big Team Infinity Slayer, Infinity Slayer, SWAT, and the Crimson DLC playlist. Join-session-in-progress games will count for this challenge if you win them so you will hopefully get lucky and placed on some winning teams. Personally, I prefer the gametypes with smaller teams since that gives me more control and better chance of being on the winning team. Free-for-all is something that I would straight out avoid. Expect that this may take up to eighteen games to complete.

The Weekly Challenges:
Spray and Pray - Get 80 kills with an Automatic Loadout Weapon. - 4200 XP
Remember how we had to get two-hundred of these last week for the Waypoint Weekly Challenge? Well, here we go again. Automatic Loadout Weapons in Halo 4 include the AR (Automatic Rifle), the Storm Rifle, and the Suppressor. The Needler and the Chain Gun do not count for these challenges as you cannot equip them in loadouts. Whichever weapon you choose will depend on several things, the first of which being what weapons you have unlocked, the next being the type of combat you prefer. The Storm Rifle has the tightest spread but is the weakest while the Suppressor is the most powerful but is the most inaccurate. The AR sits in the middle being the best compromise to both weapons with a decently concentrated spread and good power behind it. I would stick to objective gametypes as they will allow you to get in close quarters and score these kills. Eighty kill can be achieved over the week with ease, no need to rush.

The Kill-O-Tron - Earn 12 Multikill medals in a single match. - 6200 XP
So this is a really hard challenge today since Multikills are not easy to come by in Halo 4. Multikills are earned when you score multiple kills within four and a half seconds of each other. You will hear these as Double Kills, Triple Kills, etc. Now, you need to score twelve of these in a single match today, which is much more challenging than it was in Reach. First off, you will want a gametype with a large amount of targets that tend to congregate in small spaces and a weapon big enough to hit them all with. For me, the best option for a while has been Dominion on a map like Vertex. Get in a Wraith and hang back slightly from one of the bases. When you see enemies just spam the mortar into them and you can easily rack up the multikills. Be careful of getting flanked and boarded though. Dominion might end up being too short of a gametype, however, so you might want to venture into objective gametypes and try your luck there. This one will take a lot of tries though.

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