Thursday, January 24, 2013

Halo 4 Spartan Ops Weekly Challenges - 1/23/13

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The Challenges:
Shield Break! - Kill 70 Jackals. - 1500 XP
Oh, look. New Spartan Ops missions for Episode six. Well, it actually is a welcome sight as we have new set pieces to play in and actually get to more interesting parts of the Spartan Op's inaugural season's storyline. Now, the challenges are pretty simplistic, as they always are for Spartan Ops and they will generally be completed within the first three chapters is you play solo. This challenge, asking for seventy Jackal kills, was actually the last one that I completed. Jackals are typically hard to come by but there first two levels have a bunch of them (Chapter One had forty something by my count). They are more sparse in Chapter Three, but there are some there to snag. Replay the first two mission if you run short due to having teammates.

I Am the 99 Percent - Kill 80 Elites. - 3500 XP
Honestly, I expected this challenge to take a lot longer than it did. Elites in Halo 4 are very, very tough enemies and can wipe the floor with you on Heroic of Legendary. The trick is to keep them at extreme range and to use precision weapons to take them out. Like the Jackals for the "Shield Break!" challenge, you will likely finish accruing the necessary kills for this challenge during Chapter Three if you play solo. The highest concentration of Elites is on Chapter Two, followed up with Chapter One and Three have a fair few and Chapter Four and Five barely having any. If you are short on kills, definitely replay Chapter two as it scored forty-six Elites kills for me in a solo playthrough.

Destroyer of Grunts - Kill 100 Grunts. - 1100 XP
Grunts, Grunts, Grunts. Well, they never is a shortage of these little bastards, is there? Like the Jackal and the Elite, you can find some to kill in every single Chapter of this. Unlike Reach, with its Ultra Grunts, all Grunts in Halo 4 can be killed with a single headshots. Utilize the DMR and the Covenant Carbine for this. I was able to score sixty-one Grunt kills in Chapter one, twenty-four in Chapter Two, thirty-eight in Chapter Three, thirty-nine in Chapter Four, and all of six in Chapter Five. Therefore, if you are at all short on Grunt kills, replay Chapter One solo and that will likely take care of the challenge for you.

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