Monday, July 8, 2013

Halo 4 Campaign Weekly Challenges - 7/8/13

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The Weekly Challenges:

I Would Walk 500 Miles - Complete Reclaimer on Legendary difficulty without dying. - 14000 XP
Hmm, two new Campaign challenges for this week. How very interesting. Actually, they are not exactly new, just continuations in already started series of challenges. This one, is asking you to play through Reclaimer without dying on Legendary. However, it does not state that you have to do so solo. This means grab a friend (or friends) and you can bang out this challenge and "Midnight Huddle." Specifically for Reclaimer, when you get to vehicular combat, do not let the Marines drive, it will just get you killed. Let them man the gun to so you can live and take multiple vehicles so you have more firepower. Eventually you will get a Scorpion Tanks and, at that point, just blast the hell out of everything. This mission does seem to go on for a while so be patient with it.

Midnight Huddle - Complete Midnight co-operatively on Legendary difficulty. - 15000 XP
Well, two weeks ago we had to do Dawn co-operatively on Legendary difficulty. Now, we have suddenly skipped right to the end of the campaign for the level Midnight. Co-operative play, as long as you can die and no skulls are involved, makes everything easier. Take it as slowly as you can. The majority of this mission is actually pretty simple. Flying through is pretty easy, even with multiple players, just treat it like StarFox, to be honest, minus the barrel roll. Once you land, there will constantly be a presence of Promethean Knights for you to fight but, when possible, try to run past them to the various portals. Once you enter the final area where the Didact is, this is where it becomes an absolute pain. Make sure that, whenever possible, you have either an Incinerator Cannon, Binary Cannon, or a Scattershot when approaching the top of the three various pillars around the Didact.

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