Monday, July 15, 2013

Halo 4 War Games Daily and Weekly Challenges - 7/15/13

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The Challenges:

The Pistolero - Get 6 kills with a Secondary Weapon in a single match. - 1000 XP
Secondary weapons in Halo 4 include the Magnum Pistol, the Plasma Pistol, and the Boltshot. You will not be scoring many kills with the Plasma Pistol so do not even worry about it. Since SWAT is an available playlist, this challenge is actually extremely easy to complete. Stick to the Magnum on smaller maps like Haven and go for headshots on your unshielded foes. The Boltshot is also viable and best used on a map like Adrift which has a lot more close quarters areas and in objective gametypes. You will need to spend a game exclusively focusing on these weapons if you plan on getting six kills and completing this challenge. Good luck.

Your Majesty - Win 6 matchmaking Regicide matches. - 1200 XP
Well, now that we have a Team Regicide playlist, this becomes a much easier challenge to swallow, even if it is for six wins. Regicide is a gametype that I personally cannot stand, at least in the FFA variety because no one actually goes to try and kill the king, which kind of ruins the point of the game. Since we are going for wins, Team Regicide will be your best bet since you automatically have a fifty percent chance of winning instead of a twelve or so percent chance. Whenever possible, make sure that you eliminate the King on the other team and that you do what you can to protect yours. As always, communicate with your teammates. Expect that this challenge may take up to twelve or so games to complete, however.

The Weekly Challenges:
To Be Precise - Get 200 kills with a Precision Loadout Weapon. - 6000 XP
Well, this is a lot more kills than we are normally asked for with these challenges, but with a lot less XP. Now, when it mentions "Precision Loadout Weapons" it means weapons that you can select as you custom load out weapons. Therefore, the Binary Rifle, Beam Rifle, and the Sniper Rifle will not count for this challenge at all. What you can score kills with are the DMR, BR, Light Rifle, and the Covenant Carbine. You can get the BR and DMR pretty quickly, even if you are low level so stick to those weapons. Playlists like SWAT and Team Slayer Pro will also give you easy access to these weapons. Two hundred kills will not take too long and this can easily be done in three or four days if you stay in playlists like SWAT or Dominion. Team Slayer Pro is a good fit as well. If you are going to take the entire week, aim for thirty of these a day.

Exterminate! Exterminate! - Kill every member of the opposing team at least once in a match. - 5000 XP
This is what we call a poorly described challenge. When this says to kill every member of the opposing team in a match, it fails to mention that this need to be done twenty-five times throughout this week. You can somewhat treat this like an actually Extermination from Reach, but just spread out over an entire game. As well, there is a commendation that tracks this. Now, you do need to kill every member of the opposing team, just not at all once. This probably happens more often than not without you even noticing it. You will want to stick to gametypes with a low number of players per team. This means Team Slayer Pro, Infinity Slayer, SWAT, or Grifball. Each one of those gametypes has teams of four players maximum. I'm not entirely sure how people joining and leaving the game effect this stat, but most likely you will need to have killed every player who is on the team once the game ends. Aim for four a day and you should be all set.

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