Thursday, July 18, 2013

Halo 4 War Games Daily Challenges - 7/18/13

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The Challenges:

The Kingslayer - Earn 5 Regicides. - 1000 XP
We have Regicide challenges entirely too often. I think some Grifball based challenges would be fun. It is it's own actual game mode now, so it could be done. Oh, wait, the community came up with that gametype and it is good, not 343. Now, Regicides are earned when you kill the King in a Regicide match, whether Team or Free-for-all. Unlike the most recent time we had this challenge, you will need five Regicides rather than twenty. Whether you play standard Regicide or Team Regicide, slaying the King should be a regular occurrence, though less often in Team Regicide because you have an entire team to contend with. If you find it hard to come by King kills, head to the standard (FFA) Regicide and you can easily rack up the Regicides needed in a games or two (it is not uncommon to get almost ten Regicides a game in Free-for-all).

Baller - Win 3 matchmaking Oddball matches. - 1200 XP
One the heels of having to play Regicide today, here is a slightly more bearable gametype for you to be forced into playing. At least Oddball plays moderately well. Oddball is a moderately quick gametype if is played on a smaller map and it is easier to hold onto the ball as it can be passed (using the throw grenade button). Again, you will need a coordinated team when stepping into this playlist as they need to know how to guard the ball carrier but also, most of all, where to guard the ball carrier. The ball carrier always needs an exit so the other team does not easily retrieve the ball. This challenge will likely take more than two games so be ready for that. Due to the changes in playlists, you will need to head to the Team Objective playlist for this challenge.

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