Monday, July 22, 2013

A Slight Change In Programming

Hey everyone,

So, as many of you might have noticed, I stopped posting the Reach Daily Challenge guides.  The reason for this is, ultimately, due to a lack of time.  I have been doing Reach challenge guides for more than two years and with Halo 4 having already been out for a decent amount of time it just seemed like it was time to finally cut back on Reach.  I have still been posting the Weekly Challenge guides along with the Daily Challenges for that day since I do not yet want to completely abandon Reach.

There hasn't been much in the way of comments about this change, so I am guessing that everyone is cool with it.  Now, if enough people still want Reach Daily challenges posted, I will try to do what I can, but doing three posts every Monday along with two every other day can get very tiring.  I am generally lacking time due to trying to get some other projects done, getting in shape, and looking for a new job.  I do want to work on more stuff for the blog focusing on other games besides Halo, however, and more original content.  I am hoping for a redesign to happen sometime in the next month or two, at least.

Regardless, if you feel strongly either way about the lack of Reach Daily Challenge guides, please speak up in the comments or tweet @facetioussincer on Twitter.

Thanks for reading,

-Facetious Sincerity


  1. Please keep posting Reach challenges! I don't like Halo 4 and may well live on Reach forever. Thanks for doing what you do!

  2. Hi F.S.
    Thanks for the input over several years of Reach challenges. I'm a 61 year old gamer and have often used your guides to get me through some tough spots on Reach and a few tricky challenges, and to say it has been invaluable is an understatement. Best of luck with your new ventures and in the words of the late great Douglas Adams "So long and thanks for all the fish".

    Fist of Dredd