Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Halo Reach Daily Challenges Guide - 5/29/12

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The Challenges:
One Spartan Army - Kill 100 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking. - 2000cR
This challenge should be very well taken care of today since you will need to play in Firefight Matchmaking for the "Flat Tire" challenge. A hundred kills should be obtained in a single match in the Score Attack playlist or in the regular Firefight playlist, though you are more likely to end up short in the later option. If you do somehow get "Flat Tire" finished but are short kills, try a game of Crashsite in the Score Attack playlist which will allow you to get the kills you need and then end the game legitimately by dying or letting the generator explode.

Flat Tire - Kill 5 enemy vehicles in Firefight Matchmaking. - 2000cR
This is really one of the more annoying challenge to be in Reach ever since they changed how enemies spawn in the Firefight (or Firefight Arcade as it was once known) playlist. Used to be that, on certain maps enemies would come in by dropships all the time and then vehicles would spawn too. Not anymore, however, so static vehicle spawns are our only hope. One level has that feature (Installation 04 does as well, but not everyone has the DLC) and that level is Holdout. Every two to four minutes a Banshee will spawn from either side of the map. You can get up to five per game but expect to get three as long as you make the game last as long as possible. In terms of gametypes, you will want Sniper, Rocket, or FRG Attack. 2X Score Attack does not work for this challenge as the kills will not count for some reason. Expect this to take two games.

Roast 'em, Toast 'em - Kill 35 enemies while jet-packing in Exodus on Normal. - 3000cR

So, this one again. If I may, allow me to regurgitate the guide for this overdone challenge: this challenge just needs to be done in campaign on the level Exodus on at least normal difficulty. Now, I would load up Rally Point Alpha as that will start you right at the jet-packs. Do note that you must be actively using the jet-pack armor ability as you score the kill. Not falling, not just in the air, and it does not matter when you threw the grenade. Thirty-five kills may take a while so be prepared to play through this level twice.

Home Field Advantage - Win 2 games in multiplayer Matchmaking. - 2100cR
So this is the lone challenge today that has you in multiplayer Matchmaking but fear not as you will likely need to work on the Weekly Challenge if you did not complete it yesterday. You will be playing at least two games but likely three or four. If you have problems getting wins in Grifball, do not play it then and instead play a different gametype that you enjoy and do get wins in. Remember to stick to playlists with only two teams and now more than five players per team as this will increase your odds of winning. Also, try to play with friends as you will likely communicate with them better.

See the Weekly Challenge here.


  1. Technically you can do the vehicle challenge in 2x Firefight. You must use a plasma grenade though. If you see in banshee you must throw a grenade above it so it will do a loop-de-loop and get stuck by the grenade. You can also stick wraith but sometimes the grenade can kill the driver before the explosion of the vehicle can.

    1. Huh, so Plasma Grenades work? That is weird. Of course that is also venturing into the area of being quite difficult. Good to know however.

    2. Ordnance weaps count on 2x Score (Laser, Target Locator, Rockets, FRG, Plasma Launcher) but not Sniper or even Turrets. Laser is easiest, followed by Locator. For non-groundbased (i.e. Banshee), shoot above to hit when it flips to dodge (using Rockets, FRG, Launcher). =] (GT: FalconPants) Thx for keeping this blog!

    3. I'll be sure to add that info in for the next time the challenge pops up. Thanks man!