Friday, May 25, 2012

Halo Reach Daily Challenges Guide - 5/25/11

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The Challenges:
Light Fare - Kill 100 enemies in any game mode in Reach. - 3000cR
So, all the other challenges today will likely not get you the hundred kills that you need for this one. All the other challenges today are in multiplayer Matchmaking but, after those are all complete, I would recommend going to Firefight Matchmaking so you can work on the Weekly Challenge. A single game in Firefight Matchmaking should be more than enough to get you the hundred kills needed to score the three thousand credits offered. If this takes multiple games, you are definitely doing something wrong.

A Great Friend - Earn 15 assists today in multiplayer Matchmaking. - 2125cR
An assist will be awarded to you in multiplayer Matchmaking whenever you deal forty percent damage to an enemy and someone else takes the kill. Now, one of the easiest places to get assists is in the Multi Team Playlist. Since the Multi Team playlist has four teams of three players each, you have plenty of targets and plenty of people to steal the kills from you. Try to run out and take someone's shields down and then give them a few body shots. Back off immediately before killing them and let someone else grab the kill for the assist. Fifteen assists should be done in two to three games.

Double Double - Earn 2 Double Kills in the same match in Multiplayer Matchmaking. - 2000cR
As you hopefully know, a Double Kill is when you score two kills within no more than four seconds of each other. You need to score two of these in the same match which should be pretty standard fare for most players. Remember to spread the Double Kills apart so it does not end up as an Overkill, which would be awesome, but would not help you complete this challenge. I am not urging you to go to a special playlist for this one as the challenge is simple enough that it will likely be obtained while working on the other challenges.

Not as Clumsy or Random... - Earn 5 kills with precision weapons in a multiplayer Matchmaking game. - 2000cR
Precision weapons are, by far, my favorite type of weapon in Halo, which means I love challenges like this, but I wish they were more challenging. Now, you will likely end up using the DMR or the Sniper. Bother of these weapons can be gotten easily enough by playing either Team SWAT or Team Snipers (guess which playlists has the snipers...). Now, five games is a really easy number to hit and you may even get the "Double Double" challenge while working on this one. I would also try for assists once you have the five kills you need to make this all a little easier. Regardless, this challenge should only take you a single game to complete.

See the Weekly Challenge here.


  1. FYI, In double double, first sentence should say, "As you hopefully know". Not "As you hopefully now". :)

    1. Lol. Fixed. Yeah, I type these every morning before heading to work, so I really only glance through them to proof read.