Monday, March 11, 2013

Halo 4 War Games Daily and Weekly Challenges - 3/11/13

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The Challenges:
We Are The Champions - Win 3 matchmaking Slayer matches. - 7500 XP
I was hoping that we were actually moving away from these "Win matches" challenges but, alas!, we are not as we also have a Weekly Challenge in this same vein. Hurray... Now, the playlist that you play in for this challenge will largely depend on your personal preference and skill. Infinity Slayer, Big Team Infinity Slayer, SWAT, and Infinity Challenge Slayer are the options available to you, as well as Majestic Team DLC but that one has several gametypes to choose from. Be prepared to play well more than three games, however, if you are having little luck today. As well, try to get teammates with you who communicate, as that will make this all much easier in terms of scoring wins.

In The Back - Assassinate 2 Players. - 3000 XP
Assassinations are not too hard to come by and, typically, for these challenges you need a bunch. This time, however, you just need to score two assassinations overall. Now, to score an assassination, you need to go behind an enemy and hold down the melee button. An animation will then trigger that needs to mostly complete for the assassination to count. Now, Regicide, along with Team Snipers, is probably the best spot to score assassination in any sort of Slayer game since Team Slayer Pro was taken away. Generally, however, you will want to stick to objective games since you can then hide and ambush people. Basically, pick your poison for this challenge. Expect it to take a game or two to score these assassinations.

The Weekly Challenges:
To Be Precise - Get 150 kills with a Precision Loadout Weapon. - 20000 XP
Well, this is a lot more kills than we are normally asked for with these challenges, but no real complaints here. Now, when it mentions "Precision Loadout Weapons" it means weapons that you can select as you custom load out weapons. Therefore, the Binary Rifle, Beam Rifle, and the Sniper Rifle will not count for this challenge at all. What you can score kills with are the DMR, BR, Light Rifle, and the Covenant Carbine. You can get the BR and DMR pretty quickly, even if you are low level so stick to those weapons. Playlists like SWAT and Team Slayer Pro will also give you easy access to these weapons. A hundred and fifty kills will not take too long and this can easily be done in a day or two if you stay in playlists like SWAT or Dominion. Team Slayer Pro would have been good if it was left in as well.

Removalist - Win 10 matchmaking Extraction matches. - 10000 XP
Huh? What is this? A new challenge? Well, it is not really a new challenge, but simply an older challenge with new parameters. Winning games is nothing new to us, we are simply being asked to do it in a different playlist. Still, they are always too focused on wins, which is a sad thing and not likely to change soon. Now, Extraction is a newer gametype that is typically played on large maps. There are several objectives on the maps upon which your team is able to play a device to extra points essentially. This device can be taken over repeatedly by either team during its forty-five second space. Good teammates are a must for this playlist as you need to hold these two spots. Now, ten wins means that you will want to aim for about two wins a day. This will actually have you finish a couple days earlier but there is nothing wrong with that.

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