Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Halo Reach Daily Challenges Guide - 3/19/13

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The Challenges:
Light Fare - Kill 100 enemies in any game mode in Reach. - 3000cR
Well, a hundred kills should take no time at all today and will be completed for you thanks to a single challenge. "Huck It, Luck It" will likely only provide very few kills, while "Close Talking" will probably bring in about forty to sixty kills. The real money-maker here, that will do all the work for you, is the "One Game, One Spawn" challenge. Since it requires you to complete a Firefight Matchmaking game, it will bring, at a minimum, a hundred kills. I would expect even more than that, to be honest.

One Game, One Spawn - Complete a Firefight Matchmaking game without dying. - 2000cR
For this challenge, you need to go an entire game without dying, which is likely harder than it sounds. In regular Firefight, there are three other players but the games needs to complete if you want to be awarded this challenge. The other option, which can be more challenging, is to player 2X Score Attack or Gruntpocalypse. Go for a map like Beachhead or Glacier so you can hide and pick off the enemy. Remember, you must complete all waves for the challenge to pop. Gruntpocalypse or Arcadefight are probably your best bets for this challenge.

Huck It, Luck It - Complete a Campaign mission on Heroic with Cloud, Tough Luck, and Catch on. - 2000cR
These is the really easy challenge of the day as it only requires you to complete a single campaign mission with these three skulls on. Cloud will take away your radar while Tough Luck makes enemies dodge more and Catch makes them throw grenades more. Those do not really matter as you will be doing a speed run of Nightfall to complete this challenge as quickly as possible. A link to the speedrun guide can be found right here. This should only take you ten minutes and not really interfere with the other challenges today.

Close Talking - Earn 30 kills with close quarters combat in multiplayer Matchmaking. - 1250cR
Close quarters combat kills in Reach are earned when you score kills via the Shotgun, Gravity Hammer, Energy Sword, Melee, and Assassination. By far, Grifball is the best playlist for this and allows you to do all but one of those and no other types of kills (unless the Grifball explodes). You can get more than thirty kills in a single game, but expect to play possibly two games to complete this challenge. If Grifball is not you cup of tea, the I would suggest heading to Multi Team on a small map. This will take a hell of a lot longer though, so be prepared for the long haul.

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