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Gears of War: Judgment Cog Tag Locations - Part I: The Museum of Military Glory:

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Gears of War: Judgment is definitely bucking some trends of previous Gears games, like getting rid of D-pad weapon selection, but some things have not changed. All games have some form of collectibles now and Cog Tags are the ones for this installment. No need to worry about other collectibles, just the Tags of your fellow fallen Cogs. There are forty eight in total but we will do these section by section. Generally, you will see a red Cog Omen symbol near each tag, but not always right next to it. Expect one tag per chapter.  Getting ten COG Tags will get you the "Never Forgotten" achievement, twenty-five COG Tags will get you the "Veteran Remembrance" achievement and finding all of them will score you the "Respect for the Fallen" achievement.

Part I: The Museum of Military Glory:

Chapter 1: Old Town - As you are traipsing through old town, you will eventually reach the end and your squadmates will be waiting for you. Instead, go to the right and into a garden area. The tag will be to the right of the Omen.

Just to the right of the final objective
Chapter 2: Riverwalk District - Once you go up the hill and into a large courtyard with terraced platforms, right across from you will be an alleyway. Head straight through this alleyway to see the Omen symbol. The COG Tag is, again, to the right of the symbol.
Down an alley across from where you enter the plaza.

Chapter 3: Museum Gardens - This COG Tag is located almost immediately after you start the level. Break through the door and you will see a short stairway straight ahead, to the right of a barricade. The tag is past the Omen symbol at the end of the alleyway.
The Omen above the stairs.

The tag at the end of the alley.
 Chapter 4: Great Hall - This is the Chapter where you have to defend the plaza like interior area after entering the museum. Right in the middle of the area, there is a pool with a statue in the middle. The Omen symbol is on the statue and the tag is in the pool.
In the water, just under the statue.

Chapter 5: Kashkur Wing - This section features a long hallway with columns and to Troikas at the end on a raised platform. Just in front of the platform you will see the Omen symbol pretty close to the ground. The COG Tag is on the ground behind a pillar just to the left of the symbol.
Under the left-most Troika.

Chapter 6: East Wing - This is another "Horde-mode" like area in which you need to play defense. You start in front of the armor case and should be able to see an Omen symbol on a pillar ahead and to the right. Walk up to the pillar and make a u-turn. The Tag will be in a lone hallway just ahead and to your left.
Visible after making a u-turn when facing the Omen.

Chapter 7: Archives - Initially, you will be going through what appear to be maintenance areas and it will eventually lead to a large room full of archival storage rack. Head to the end of the room and then hang a left. You will see the Omen symbol straight ahead. The tag is to the left of the symbol, right after a shelf.
On the wall at the end of the room.

To the right of the Omen.

Chapter 8: Vaults - This is the final Chapter of the Museum and has you charging through a foundation-like area. Near the end of this area, after the large sinkhole, you can see the Omen symbol to your right. Along the wall, to the right of the symbol is the COG Tag.
At the end of the level, to the right of the objective on the corpse.

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