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Gears of War: Judgment Cog Tag Locations - Part VII: Aftermath

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Gears of War: Judgment is definitely bucking some trends of previous Gears games, like getting rid of D-pad weapon selection, but some things have not changed. All games have some form of collectibles now and Cog Tags are the ones for this installment. No need to worry about other collectibles, just the Tags of your fellow fallen Cogs. There are forty eight in total but we will do these section by section. Generally, you will see a red Cog Omen symbol near each tag, but not always right next to it. Expect one tag per chapter. Getting ten COG Tags will get you the "Never Forgotten" achievement, twenty-five COG Tags will get you the "Veteran Remembrance" achievement and finding all of them will score you the "Respect for the Fallen" achievement.

Part VII: Aftermath:

Chapter 1: Reunion - These sections are quite a bit long than in the regular campaign so it will take longer to get to each of the COG Tags. There is still one Tag per section, so no big changes there. The one for this level is once you have moved through the mall and reach the blue-tiled fountains. Once you go down the stairs, turn to the left and the Tag is behind a set of pillars.
In the Plaza of blue fountains.

Chapter 2: Anybody Home? - This COG Tag is right near the start of the level. You will begin to move through a deserted industrial area but keep to the left as much as you can. You will find an open garage and, once you make around the cars to the back, you will see the COG Tag in between three bodies.
In a garage on the left side of the initial area.

Chapter 3: Dead End - Near the top of the Imulsion rig, you will eventually come to a door you need to lift. Instead, kick in the door to the left and then go to the room on the right. In the back corner of the room you can see the COG Tag. However, you will get attacked once you go near it so be ready.
Look out for what lives in the boxes!

Chapter 4: One Step Closer - You will continue to go through this long street with Locust pinning you down with One-shots. Eventually, you will get to the right side of the street and into a building that is missing a corner. A door on the back of the room has an Omen symbol on it. Go down the stairs next to it and keep to the left to find a COG Tag in the water.
On the right side of the road.

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Chapter 5: Straight To The Top - Once you drop down the ramp to the lower floor, head straight ahead until you can no longer continue. Turn left into the room and then jump over the lower right-side wall. The COG Tag is in the back left corner of this space.
On the lower level.

Chapter 6: A Few Complaints - Finally at the end! How does it feel? Anyway, once you enter the kitchen, turn to the left and enter the doorway with the Omen symbol to the right of the door. The final COG Tag is next to the corpse along the wall.
And done!

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