Saturday, March 2, 2013

Halo 4 War Games Daily Challenges - 3/2/13

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The Challenges:
To Be Precise - Get 25 kills with a Precision Loadout Weapon. - 5000 XP
Precision Loadout weapons in Halo 4 include the DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle), the BR (Battle Rifle), the Covenant Carbine, and the Light Rifle. These are all the precision weapons that you can add to a customized loadout. Sniper, Binary Cannon, and Covenant Beam Rifle do not fall into this category. Now, some playlists, like SWAT, have you exclusively using these weapons and these are your best bets for completing these challenges. As all these games require sixty kills now, but your average number of kills should jump up a little, though twenty-five kills will remain out of range for most players in a regular game. As well, objective gametypes are good for this challenge as there is no kill limit and you can exclusively use a precision weapons in your loadouts. These do not need to be done in a single game however, so just try to have fun.

In Your Face - Earn 15 CQC Medals. - 3000 XP
There are three Close Quarters Combat medals in Halo 4 and they are the Melee, Beat Down, and Bulltrue medals. Remember that, for the Beat Down medal, when behind an enemy, just tap melee instead of holding it to perform a Beat Down. To get these, you will typically want to be on a smaller map in an objective oriented game as it will allow you to get as many medals as possible. Grifball is back now but it is amazing how few things count as close quarters combat and so the medals do not yield any help with this challenge. In Infection you can typically score Bulltrues and Melee medal with ease but also try gametypes like standard slayer on smaller maps. Hitting fifteen will not be an too difficult but you will not likely get many of these medals while doing the "To Be Precise" challenge so these will likely need to be separate games.

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