Friday, April 19, 2013

Halo Reach Daily Challenges Guide - 4/19/13

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The Challenges:
Gunslinger - Kill 150 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking. - 5500cR
Well, a hundred and fifty kills in multiplayer Matchmaking will definitely take some time today. There are two other multiplayer Matchmaking challenges, "Throwing Fireballs" and "Three Dog Fight," but they will most definitely not get you to the a hundred and fifty kills needed for this challenge. You will need to play a bunch of extra games to complete this challenge. My suggestion would be that you hit Grifball as you can easily get thirty kills a game in that playlist. Invasion and Multi Team are also good options.

Throwing Fireballs - Kill 2 enemies with grenades in a multiplayer Matchmaking game. - 1000cR
Two grenade kills in a single game will actually be quite easy. You can use Fragmentation (Frag) Grenades or Plasma (Sticky) Grenades to score these kills. Gametype is important and Multi Team has always done the best for me since you have nine targets and all of them are also trying to kill another nine targets. Go for small maps like Countdown (Swordbase is a little too big) and head to the middle. Just toss your grenades as people are attacking each other and you should be all set. Expect this to take a single games to complete as this challenge is very simple.

Three Dog Fight - Earn a Triple Kill in Multiplayer Matchmaking. - 2000cR
Wow, this challenge looks super hard. I mean, there is really no way they can honestly expect us to have any possible chance of completing this challenge today. Just kidding, this is easy as hell. Anyway, a Triple Kill is three kills made all within four seconds of each other. You only need one today, unlike yesterday where you needed two, so this should not take too much time. My personal preference is Grifball as it allows you to get a ton of kills and multi kills. Triple Kills are a very common occurrence in that playlist. Take care of "Throwing Fireballs" first, however, as you might get one during that.

Just a Shower - Complete any Campaign mission on Normal or harder with Thunderstorm on. - 4000cR
I think I can assume that most people who are here reading this have been here for a while and are aware of the tricks and strategies for challenges like this, so I will be pretty succinct for this challenge guide. You should try running through the level Nightfall, using the guide here, with the Thunderstorm Skull on. This skull will upgrades all enemies to their next level, which is unfortunately Ultra for most. Following this guide has you running through the level and avoiding most combat. This should take about seven to ten minutes to complete, maybe faster, and hopefully no stress as the route is pretty simple to run.

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  1. Justin, where did you get info that R6 Patriots will be FPS and not have that lame 3rd person cover??? Nobody else has posted that and you don't list a source on VG24/7.

    1. That is what the wikipedia article has listed it as and plenty of the screenshots have shown a first person view.