Thursday, April 4, 2013

Halo 4 Spartan Ops Weekly Challenges - 4/4/13

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The Challenges:

Shield Break! - Kill 250 Jackals. - 8000 XP
Well, I am sad to see the XP rewards for these challenges going down and the kill requirements going up. Guess it was going to happen eventually, however. Anyway, I hate Jackals. Well, at least on the higher difficulties as they can kill you in basically two shots if they have Beam Rifles. Ones carrying Needlers are a pain too but are more easily avoided. As well, remember that Jackals with shields can be made vulnerable if you shoot the notch in their shields. Now, none of the "Designer's Choice" chapters really have enough Jackals to sate this challenge but there are some chapters from previous Episodes that do. Namely, I am talking about Episode Seven, Chapter Three. This chapter features almost seventy Jackals. Set the difficulty a little lower and do four solo play-throughs to finish off this challenge.

Harvesting Hunters - Kill 50 Hunters. - 10000 XP
Well, Hunters are not the hardest enemies you will face, since the strategy on them is so damn easy. It is interesting to see that this XP value used to suffice for five hunters but is now only good enough for fifty. Now, remember that the back is the weak spot on a Hunter so put as many shots as you can into that area but do not be afraid to just nail one with heavy weapons. Since we are not getting any new Episodes for the foreseeable future, they have gone back to their "Designer's Choice" playlist. The first mission, however, will do very well for this challenge. Episode Three, Chapter Four is Shootout in Valhalla and this level has about thirty Hunters in it. Two playthroughs, solo, on whatever difficulty you like will complete this challenge.

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