Monday, April 22, 2013

Halo 4 Campaign Weekly Challenges - 4/22/13

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The Challenges:

Oh, It's On! - Complete any Campaign Mission on Heroic or higher difficulty with the Mythic, Tilt, Storm and Tough Luck skulls. - 22000 XP
Well, another week and another set of Campaign weekly challenges. This week, the focus is on Reclaimer, but not for this challenge. I would definitely not recommend doing this challenge at the same time as "You Reclaim Me!" due to how much more difficult it will make the game. For this challenge, you need to turn on the Mythic skull, which doubles all enemy health, the Thunderstorm skull, which upgrades all enemies, and the Tough Luck Skull, which causes all enemies to dodge and go berserk more often. Due to these skulls, I would run through this on Dawn. As well, this way you only have to play it on Heroic instead of Legendary.

You Reclaim Me! - Complete Reclaimer co-operatively on Legendary difficulty. - 12000 XP
Reclaimer was a mission that I actually enjoyed solo, and it was even more fun in co-operative play. It has a decent section featuring vehicle combat and it is much better to have a fellow human gunner in the gauss turret there. Now, you start out just before going aboard a Mammoth and you will ride this, or alongside it, to all the first major destination. Hang back when possible and take things at distance. There is plenty of ranged ammunition onboard the Mammoth along with some Snipers and Rockets. They are especially useful against the Wraith tanks so use them. When you get to vehicular combat, do not let the Marines drive, it will just get you killed. Let them man the gun to so you can live. Eventually you will get a Scorpion Tanks and, at that point, just blast the hell out of everything. This mission does seem to go on for a while so be patient with it, though it does go much faster with two player.

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  1. Please help for "oh its on", on dawn the elites just dont die. Its like their shields are endless. Tips on how to kill them?

  2. Assuming you are playing on heroic, all the elites will need 3 charged bursts from a plasma pistol. So I recommend only keeping you magnum and picking up a fresh plasma pistol as often as possible