Monday, April 22, 2013

Halo 4 War Games Daily and Weekly Challenges - 4/22/13

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The Challenges:

Raise The Flag - Win 5 matchmaking Capture the Flag matches. - 2000 XP
So, about two weeks ago, this challenge for two less wins was worth almost four times as much experience points. Way to hit us when we are down, 343i. Not only do you make it harder, but you reward us less. Come on. You can do better. Regardless, Capture the Flag is a gametype where you need a communicative team to help you capture the flag, but also defend you own flag. The one shitty thing about capture the flag is that it often goes down to the time limit with no one getting the required five scores to win it. Most of the maps are simply too big for that. So, one way to speed it up is to pick smaller maps. You will need to venture into the Capture The Flag playlist for this challenge, obviously, but games can also be had in the Castle DLC, Team Doubles, and Team Throwdown playlists.

Removalist - Win 5 matchmaking Extraction matches. - 1500 XP
I guess, since there are no Weekly Challenges asking for wins, they thought we might get confused and threw another winning-focused challenge up here. Oh, how nice of them. Now, Extraction is a newer gametype that is typically played on large maps. There are several objectives on the maps upon which your team is able to play a device to extra points essentially. This device can be taken over repeatedly by either team during its forty-five second space. Good teammates are a must for this playlist as you need to hold these two spots. Now, five wins means that you may have to play ten or more games as it depends on your teammates and your opponents. Make sure you go for some killing sprees too while you are at it.

The Weekly Challenges:
Rolling Thunder - Earn 20 Killing Spree medals. - 9000 XP
A Killing Spree in War Games is earned when you score five kills in a row. As this challenge stipulates "Killing Spree medals" other sprees such as weapon and miscellaneous sprees will not count. Twenty in a single week is not at all a large task as long as you stick to objective games where it is easiest to get sprees. You will need at least three a day this week to complete this challenge but can likely score more. First off, Dominion has been the best gametype for me in terms of getting sprees, especially on Vortex where you can get in a Wraith and just sit back and defend your base while attacking the middle base. I would expect to get two or so sprees per game so this one is pretty much taken care of after a few games. Flood and Regicide can also be good playlists for Sprees as well as Big Team Infinity Slayer if you get lucky and end up with a tank.

The Kingslayer - Earn 75 Regicides. - 7500 XP
Oh, hurray. Another challenge forcing us into a very specific gametype. Well, can't say that I am particularly surprised to see this here, as 343i really love Regicide (even though they appear to be the only ones) and want to make sure we hate it. Regardless, to score a Regicide you need to kill the king. The King will always be indicated on screen to this will help some. Now, in all honesty, over this week, this challenge will probably be easier to do in the standard Regicide playlist which is Free-for-all. In Team you will have four players competing for a single kill, so your chances go down a bit. You can score seven or eight a game in Free-for-all Regicide so you can get this done in about ten games over the week. That is one to two games a day.

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