Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Halo 4 Spartan Ops Weekly Challenges - 4/30/13

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The Challenges:
Harvesting Hunters - Kill 25 Hunters. - 10000 XP
Well, Hunters are not the hardest enemies you will face, since the strategy on them is so damn easy. It is interesting to see that this XP value used to suffice for two-hundred and fifty hunters is eight-thousand credits, but twenty-five hunters brings in ten-thousand. Now, remember that the back is the weak spot on a Hunter so put as many shots as you can into that area but do not be afraid to just nail one with heavy weapons. Since we are not getting any new Episodes for the foreseeable future, they are simply playing through the first season again. Ignore their little play-through, however. Episode Three, Chapter Four is Shootout in Valhalla and this level has about thirty Hunters in it. A single playthrough, solo, on whatever difficulty you like will complete this challenge.

Knightmare - Kill 75 Knights. - 8000 XP
Knights are the most difficult type of Prometheans to kill as they have strong shields, great accuracy, and Watchers that can resurrect them if they are not eliminated first. Make sure that whenever engaging these teleporting, one-shotting douche-bags that you kill any Watchers near them first. If given enough time, the Watchers will resurrect them. For this challenge, luckily there are a ton of Knights in Episode ten, the finale to Spartan Ops Season One. Chapter One will feature no Knights, while Chapter Two will have seven for you to slay. Chapter Three features an additional five and Chapter Four has eight. Where you really nail this challenge, however is in Chapter Five which has fourteen Knights. Play through it about five to six times. This also automatically make Chapter Five the place for Knight kills have getting shorted in co-op play.

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  1. For knights just run "Spartan Miller" ch.1 ep. 5, sit on the machine gun and let the watchers resurrect killed knights into knight battlewagons...40+/episode

  2. Chapter 5 episode 1 is good for this about 30 knights don't kill the watchers let them resurrect and that's even more kills. I played thru with a friend and found this to be very easy. They load up the map with shot guns unsc and of course scatter shot drops. There is also several gun shelves that hold rocket launchers and sniper rifles. Up to inside the base are saws and all over the map are ammo refills so basically limitless shooting. Plays for about 11-14 mins depending on skill.