Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Halo 4 War Games Daily Challenges - 4/17/13

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The Challenges:

One, Two, Three, Four... - Earn 5 Multikill medals. - 1000 XP
A multikills in Halo 4 is earned when you score multiple kills each within four and a half seconds of each other. These are decidedly less common in Halo 4 than they were in Reach so you really need to set up the right gametype and such to score them. Now, having access to large number of enemies and heavy weapons is a great way to score multikills. Grifball is back so that is definitely an option for this challenge because it is practically a multikills generator, though somewhat less do to everyone always having sprint. Five multikills will likely only take a single games to complete in the right gametype. Complete the "Infected" challenge first, however, as you may get some multikills there.

Infected - Win 3 matchmaking Flood matches. - 1000 XP
Well, I definitely preferred this challenge when it was worth a lot more credits. But only a thousand XP for winning three games in a free-for-all gametype. Well, that is definitely a dick move. Anyway, even though Flood is a technically a Free-for-all mode, you will see yourself divided by teams. Unlike Reach, the Flood/Zombies are much more powerful in Halo 4 thanks to the thruster pack and the seemingly longer lunge range of the sword. As well, zombies also have shields so if you are one, hope is not lost. If you have a lot of campers, make use of invisibility so you can surprise them. If you are a survivor, make sure you utilize the Magnum at range and the Shotgun close up. Three matches will hopefully not take a long while to win, but be ready to play six games for this one.

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