Saturday, April 27, 2013

Halo 4 Spartan Ops Weekly Challenges - 4/27/13

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The Challenges:
I Am The 99 Percent - Kill 100 Elites. - 22500 XP
Since there are no new seasons of Spartan Ops apparently even planned (then why the fuck do you call it "Season One"?) 343i has started replaying the various episodes in matchmaking from start to finish. Disregard those, however, since it is faster if you avoid matchmaking. First off, you will need to see about scoring fifty Elite kills. Now, the best mission for this is the Episode three mission "Shootout in Valhalla." There are a ton of Elites that are dropped and, as well, every Banshee and Wraith gives you a Elite kill as well. On Heroic, a single solo game brought in fifty Elite kill. Play through it twice and that should complete take care of this challenge.

Destroyer of Grunts - Kill 200 Grunts. - 8000 XP
I guess that Elites and Grunts are the most iconic of enemies in Halo. Now that we have been assigned our Elite kills above, let's look at the indicated Grunt kills. Like the Jackal and the Elite, you can find some to kill in every single Chapter of Spartan Ops, generally. Unlike Reach, with its Ultra Grunts, all Grunts in Halo 4 can be killed with a single headshots. Utilize the DMR and the Covenant Carbine for this. As per which episode you should play in, Episode Five, Chapter Four "The Cauldron Base" hosts an amazing sum of eighty-six Grunts which, played through twice, will complete this challenge. Even if you have a second player with you, just run through that one three times on whatever difficulty you like and that challenge should be taken care of for both of you.

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