Saturday, October 13, 2012

Halo Reach Daily Challenges Guide - 10/13/12

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The Challenges:

One Spartan Army - Kill 100 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking. - 2000cR
The other challenges today, and the Weekly Challenge, have you in multiplayer Matchmaking and running through a campaign mission but, alas, you will need to play one game of Firefight Matchmaking to sate this challenge. A hundred kills should be pretty easy to come by in a single game, regardless of what playlist you choose. Score Attack should have you hitting about a hundred and twenty kills whereas the regular Firefight playlist will likely have you right around a hundred kills. I would play it safe and just do Score Attack. 2X Score Attack and Gruntpocalypse are the easiest gametypes.

Light Fuse, Run Away - Kill 4 enemies with grenades in a multiplayer Matchmaking game. - 2100cR
Grenade kills can actually be somewhat hard to come by if you do not have the right playlist and gametype. These kills can be gained with Plasma and Fragmentation Grenades but you need four in a single game. Your best bet is likely the Multi Team playlist for a few reasons. First off, you will have a ton of targets to use your grenades on. Secondly, Multi Team matches tend to be on smaller maps, therefore making grenade kills even easier to obtain. Finally, if you can get an objective gametype, you can easily know where everyone is going and grenade them with relative ease. Expect this challenge to take a few game to complete but, hopefully, no more than three.

Up Close and Personal - Kill 8 enemies with close quarters combat in a multiplayer Matchmaking game. - 2600cR
For those who do not know, close quarters combat kills are typically achieved via the Shotgun, Gravity Hammer, Energy Sword, melee, or Assassination. One gametype lets you get all these various types of kills, sparing Shotgun kills, and that gametype is Grifball. You should easily be able to complete this in a single game as you typically get about thirty or more kills in Grifball. If you have yet to complete the Weekly Challenge, you should hopefully get this challenge done today while working on it. If you have completed the Weekly Challenge, then just hope over into the Grifball playlist and this, as previously mentioned, will be done in a single game.

Stronger, Harder - Complete a Campaign mission on Heroic with Famine, Tough Luck, and Thunderstorm on. - 4000cR
Oh, look! It's a challenge to run to run whichever campaign mission you want on Heroic or harder with a random assortment of skulls on. Guess what is the easiest way to complete this challenge. That is right! A speedrun of Nightfall, a guide to which can be seen right here. Now, the Famine skull will cause all weapons on the ground to have less ammo, the Tough Luck skull will cause enemies to dodge more often, and the Thunderstorm skull will upgrade all enemies. In the end, these have absolutely no affect on us as we are skipping by all the enemies and will not be picking up any weapons during these speedrun. This should take seven to ten minutes to complete.

See the Weekly Challenge here.

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