Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Halo Reach Daily Challenges Guide - 6/25/13

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The Challenges:

Shootin' and Lootin' - Kill 150 enemies in any game mode in Reach. - 5343cR
My gut instinct today is that this challenge will not get taken care of by the other challenges. A hundred and fifty kills is not a lot to begin with but "That Pink Mist" will probably only bring in eighty to ninety kills total, "Storm's Comin'" will probably only bring in about ten or so kills, and the "Explosive Ordnance Distribution" challenge will bring about thirty. That leaves you a few kills short of this challenge. Now, remember that you also have the Weekly Challenge in the mix and it is asking you to play about eleven games a day. Those will definitely take care of these kills so no real reason to worry.

That Pink Mist - Kill 70 enemies with a Supercombine from the Needler or Needle Rifle in Firefight Matchmaking. - 2000cR
So this will definitely be the hardest challenge of the day. A Supercombine occurs when you stick enough enemies with needles that the resulting explosion kills them. It has to be the explosion that kills them, not the final needs that trigger the explosion, which is what happens with all grunts unless the Mythic Skull is on. Now, the Firefight playlist is your best bet for this challenge and you will want the gametype Arcadefight NEP as it will allow you to choose a loadout with an FRG and a Needler. These weapons will have unlimited ammunition. Now, this might take two games because you will have three other players to compete with, but expect the kills to start going up once the second round starts as the Mythic Skull will then be on.

Storm's Comin' - Complete a Campaign mission on Heroic or harder with Mythic and Thunderstorm on. - 3500cR
The easiest level in which to complete this challenge is Nightfall, as you can run through the entire level and you do not have to actually fight hardly any Covenant. Follow this LASO guide for the fastest route through the level. It takes about five to seven minutes to run through the level and get this challenge completed. Mythic and Thunderstorm effect the enemy difficulty so Nightfall is ideal due to the lack of combat from running through. You can also play through Winter Contingency, while running through most of it, but Nighfall is still the easiest option.

Explosive Ordnance Distribution - Earn 3 kills with ordnance weapons in a multiplayer Matchmaking game. - 2000cR
Explosive Ordnance Weapons in Reach include the Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, the Concussion Rifle, and the Plasma Launcher. These weapons are not easy to find anymore since the Action Sack playlist was taken down, however. Now, your best chance is the third phase of the Invasion gametype in which you will have access to either the Concussion Rifle or the Grenade Launcher. You will have two chances at this if the game is pretty even and you only need three kills in a single game. I would expect this challenge to take multiple tries and you might want to attempt Invasion Slayer as well since you can pick a loadout with an explosive ordnance weapon in the last wave/section.

See the Weekly Challenge here.

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