Friday, June 21, 2013

Halo 4 War Games Daily Challenges - 6/21/13

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The Challenges:

Fully Automated - Get 8 kills with an Automatic Loadout Weapon in a single match. - 1456 XP
Automatic loadout weapon in Halo 4 include the AR (Assault Rifle), Storm Rifle, and the Suppressor. You will likely not get as many kills with these weapons as precision weapons without actively trying for them since the effective range of the weapons is so much less. Which every gun you pick is up to you but this info my help you make a decision. The Suppressor has the widest spread but seems to have the most powerful shot. The Storm Rifle has the smallest spread but the weakest shots. The AR is pretty comfortable with a medium spread and medium damage, therefore making it the most deadly, in my opinion. Large team gametypes or objective gametypes on smaller maps like Adrift or Haven will serve you best for getting these kills. Eight isn't too large of a number, it just requires you to only be using these weapons.

The Kill-O-Tron - Earn 2 Multikill medals in a single match. - 450 XP
So, Grifball is still here since it was introduced into matchmaking some months ago. Due to that addition, this challenge is easy as hell and will take absolutely no time to accomplish. First off, a multikill is earned when you score multiple kills within four and a half seconds of each other. With two kills this will be a Double Kill but you can take this up to ten kills for a Killionaire (nine multikills). Now, Grifball has you equipped only with Gravity Hammers and Energy Swords. If you have yet to venture into this playlist, it will take some adjustment from Reach, but not much. You can play up to five rounds in a close game so you have plenty of time to score these multikills. Dominion is another options if Grifball does not agree with you. Probably won't even need to go to Grifball for this one, so do the "Fully Automated" challenge first.

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